About Me

Ever feel like you have it all? I do! My husband is wonderful (most days anyway) and I have a great son. We also have two miniature australian shepherds and a cat that rules the roost. Our lives are seldom boring and sometimes chaotic but I love it!


I love seeing life through the lens of my camera (Nikon all the way!) and creating a story or work of art with light and shadow. One of the biggest bonuses is that I get to explore nature all over Johnson County photographing high school seniors and families! I've been to many different nooks and crannies at Lake Macbride, the Coralville Resevoir, Hickory Hill, and Kent Park. I also shoot in Burlington at Crapo Park and love the Hotel Muscatine along the Mississippi river. Iowa is full of beautiful locations for seniors and family photography.  My style is modern and fresh with vibrant colors and backgrounds. 

Iowa City senior photography